SeeMore Putters: The Past, Present and Future by @THPGolf (The Hackers Paradise)


(James Miles) At THP, we have always found the best way to truly provide our readers with the ins and outs of the industry is to go straight to the companies. Over the years, these interactions have been a staple of what THP is all about, and one company who the entire community has had interactions with since the beginning is SeeMore Putter Company. 

As a brand with instant recognition among most golfers for the countless memories and majors they have been a part of, they have also since day one had a set of core beliefs that they have not strayed from. For SeeMore, the name of the game is helping golfers enjoy the game more through better and more consistent putting. From the beginning, their RifleScope Technology (RST) has been a game changer, and as the game has continued to evolve, so too has SeeMore. 

We wanted to have a conversation with them as to where they have been, where they are now, and where they are going as they continue to innovate.

  1. THP and SeeMore go way back and most of our readers have a familiarity with the brand and its emphasis on eliminating variables and making putting more fun for golfers, but if you could describe SeeMore to newcomers how would you go about it?

SeeMore has been a brand ahead of its time since its launch in 1998.  It was immediately recognized by golfers of all levels as essentially a putter that had “training aid” type benefits in terms of helping the golfer improve everything about their putting from set up to alignment to posture to stroke.  But as it was USGA conforming, it could also be used in play, offering golfers a way to build a simple system to ensure the best putting of their life.  This was true of recreational golfers, avid amateur golfers, club professionals, and PGA Tour players.  It also was a product that brought the benefits of fitting and instruction combined into the putting arena, as the simple patented SeeMore RifleScope Technology alignment system was the foundation for helping golfers and/or their instructors get the golfer set up the same way every time, for a tour type putting stroke, eliminating variables and guaranteeing consistency.  And almost immediately, the SeeMore putter became the most talked about golf product of 1999 when Payne Stewart used a SeeMore FGP blade to sink the longest putt ever to win a US Open on the final hole, defeating Phil Mickelson in a Major Championship for the ages.  That putt remains one of the most iconic putts and moments in the history of Golf, and Payne Stewart went on to lead the entire PGA Tour in putting statistics for the 1999 year.


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Episode 30 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Bernie Garsen - Founder of @GarsenGolf - Talks Putter Grips and TOUR stories)

Bernie Garsen, founder of Garsen Golf, joins the Putting Couch Podcast to talk about how the input of players on the PGA tour has led to continuous brand innovation within the Garsen grip line up. Garsen discusses how grip design works hand in hand with putter design to help players of all skill levels improve their putting, and how and why Garsen set out with a goal to create the best putter grips in the world.

The Garsen grip can be found at, PGA Tour Superstores and other find golf retailers.  




Swag & Harold ~ Golf in the Northwest guys ~ @FANswag and @pga_golfpro ~ (@1080TheFan) Talks With CEO/Co-Owner Jim Grundberg

image from seemore-putters.typepad.comThis past Saturday Golf In The Northwest sat down with CEO and co-Owner of SeeMore Putters, Jim Grundberg, to give some tips and tricks when it comes to your short game. LISTEN HERE.

GOLF IN THE NORTHWEST - Join Jason ‘Swag” Swygard and award-winning professional Harold Bluestein each Saturday for the most comprehensive look at the world of golf. From the latest tips and equipment to improve your game, to the latest leaderboards and the business of golf, Golf in the Northwest is an action-packed hour about everything golf!


We are Still Open and Safety is Our First Concern

MainSeeMorePutterCompany(shiny)We are Still Open and Safety is Our First Concern

Our SeeMore family hopes that you and you family are doing well and staying safe in the midst of these unprecedented times.
SeeMore understands that many golf courses are closed for the time being, or have limited hours or services.  But we also know that many of you are getting a chance to get out and play as many courses are open, using the new social distancing guidelines, and enjoying the much needed exercise and time with friends and family.  And we are available for you as well.
We are hearing daily from many of you that you are in need of resources on putting, training ideas for indoor and outdoor, repairs, or quite frankly new custom built putters for yourselves and your loved ones, when the time is right.  It is OK to plan for the brighter days ahead. 
Send us a note and we can direct you to new models, training videos, training aids, our top rated podcast "the Putting Couch,”
and arrange to get you any information you’d like about SeeMore.
Simply reach out to us at, and we will answer any questions you have, and set up phone calls as needed. Or pass this message along to a friend who might be interested. Our factory is not open to the public, we are not taking visitors, our putting studio is not open for tour fittings.  Our sales and customer service teams are working remotely.  
But we are building putters. And we are available to you.  We are practicing extreme safety and precautions while only having 2-3 people max at a time in our 4000 square foot factory, 100 feet apart.  SeeMore is taking every precaution with our team members during the COVID-19 crisis. 
So we just wanted you to know that we are still able to serve you, and are still striving to maintain the level of excellent customer service we always have.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you and please continue to stay safe and healthy. 
Jim, Jason, Cody, Brandon, Ted, Davis, and Jermey

SeeMore releases new RST Hosel series of plumber neck design putters (@golfwrx)

Golfwrx-logoFor 2020, SeeMore has introduced their new RST Hosel series of plumber neck design putters in 7 models. Through RifleScope Technology (RST), the fluted barrel hosel aims to bring a new approach to the classic offset plumber neck in a design where player’s hands will sit slightly forward of the ball at address and impact. (images by: @golfwrx)


For the first time in company history, SeeMore has combined a plumber neck hosel with their RifleScope Alignment Technology.

Designed for players to place their hands forward, the putters utilize the company’s RST alignment system which is often seen in the company’s straight shaft putters. The RST alignment system hides the red dot of the putters (to lock in your alignment) by using the lower portion of the new RST Hosel.


The RST alignment system is designed to provide a true reference point for golfers leading to an improved set up and stroke. Per the company, the technology ensures “that the putter face will be square to the target at set up, address and impact, with the loft of the putter also set the same every time giving a consistent roll on every putt.”


The base of the plumber neck in the new series enters the head on a single plane angle, at 70 degrees. The design aims to provide an entry point of connection closer to the sweet spot than a standard plumber neck – leading to improved feel and balance.

The 2020 SeeMore RST Hosel series are available to purchase now at with prices ranging from $250-$400.