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Seeing a dramatic comeback from SeeMore -

SeeMore putter: Seeing is believing -

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The resurgence of the SeeMore putter, used by Masters champion Zach Johnson, is one of those occurrences in which the moon and stars must have been aligned perfectly in golf heaven.

Perhaps Payne Stewart, who used the SeeMore to win the 1999 U.S. Open, was responsible.

The SeeMore, designed by veteran Southern California teaching pro Jim Weeks, was introduced in 1997. It was different: The lower portion of the shaft had a black powder-coat finish. The putter sported a red oval on top of the heel, directly behind the shaft. When standing over the ball, the idea was to cover the oval with the shaft so that none of the red color was visible, ensuring the proper shaft position at address.

Touring pros immediately realized that this design feature – now called the RifleScope – could be used in practicing the stroke as well.

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