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Korean Consumer Golf Trade Show - SeeMore Putter Company

Jim Grundberg (Owner)
I recently returned from a very exciting trip to Seoul, South Korea to attend a consumer golf show with Pat O'Brien, the Director of Teaching at Lakewood CC in Dallas who coaches Zach Johnson and a bunch of other great tour and college players. Pat is a consultant to SeeMore and teaches the fundamentals of great putting, focusing on proper Grip, Alignment, Stance, and Posture. Pat uses the SeeMore
RST technology to help his students understand the importance of a consistent and reliable position at address as a foundation to excellece in putting. Seoul is a beautiful and vibrant city of well over 10 million people, where the national passion for golf is growing every year, and Pat and I loved the energy and curiosity of the Korean golfers that we met at the show. The SeeMore putting system and the presence of Pat O'Brien was a huge hit as hundreds of golfers hungry to learn how to putt better spent time with Pat and with our entire team in Korea.
Do you know of any other golf trade shows around the world??