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Pat O'Brien Teaches the Tennessee Section during PGA Annual Meeting

Pat O'Brien in GolfWeek - by James Achenbach

Below is a great exerpt taken from Pat O'Brien's blog - 

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James Achenbach James Achenbach

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. - Other than the fact that I uncovered the Orator of the Year on the PGA Tour and learned how to sink 10-foot putts like some kind of putting fool, it was an uneventful day at Hollywood-friendly Riviera Country Club.

Movie stars used to frolic here at Riviera, which opened in 1926. Now, 83 years later, the Northern Trust Open, starring Phil Mickelson as the boy who lost his golf game, begins with a Thursday matinee.

But, what the heck, I was too busy pursuing my practice day adventures to think about the actual start of competition. Orator of the Year, I said to myself, should be a title bestowed on some worthy golfer.

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