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SeeMore FGP Stainless is Here - by PutterZone.com

Fgpssblacknickel A new incarnation of the putter that has racked up two Major victories is now available with the release of the FGP stainless steel blade by SeeMore Putter Company.

The original brass SeeMore FGP blade is most known for its starring performances at the 1999 U.S. Open and the 2007 Masters, when Payne Stewart and Zach Johnson, respectively, wielded it on the path to victory.

Now comes a new stainless steel version of the FGP at a sweet price of $185 in a nickel satin or nickel black finish. A companion FGP2 mallet is also part of the new series.

Fgp2stainless The new SeeMore FGP Stainless putters aim to serve a wider audience than the stainless steel mFGP model released a few years ago. Whereas the mFGP is entirely and expensively milled from a vigin block of metal, the new putters are initially cast prior to surface milling, allowing SeeMore to offer them for $140 less than the mFGP.

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