2007 MASTERS Champion - Zach Johnson
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Team McGladrey - Zach is Understood (video conversations)

From RSM McGladreyRSMmcgladrey

Team RSM McGladrey Golfer Zach Johnson talks about his caddie, Damon Green, and the power of being understood. (Video Conversations)

A good caddie understands your game and the moment. He suggests options based on your game, your standing, the conditions and his knowledge of the terrain. Sometimes he knows what you're thinking even before you do. And when you know you're getting good advice, you know your next move is the right move. That's the relationship RSM McGladrey has with its clients.

If you have a 5 minutes these videos are great to watch.  You understand what they are thinking on the course and relive some great stories, espcially video 4 The Masters.  Zach and Damon make a great team!