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Posted 26 July 2010 - 02:42 PM

SeeMore Si Series Putter - REVIEW

I was one of the lucky few to win the golf lottery and had the pleasure of trying out a SeeMore Si3 series putter. I would first like to thank Mygolfspy for this amazing experience and hope that my fellow winners will write a review that way we can keep this amazing program going. 

SeeMore Putter

Let me start by saying this company was amazing to work with. They contacted me extremely quick to get the proper length and lie of the putter along with which model i would like to test. If this is a how their customer services is then they are one of the best because they got everything correct and they shipped the putter extremely fast, it is a great company to order from. Now on to the Review 

Grip- 8

The grip is a Winn AVS which seems to be the grip choice among all putters ( ping and odyssey i believe use these exact grips) The grip is a medium grip with a little tackiness to it. I gave it an 8 because i prefer a firmer cord grip, but if you like the ping and odyssey grips then you will love this grip also.

Look -10

I love the look of this putter. It has a darker finish just like the odyssey white ice line they provide a excellent contrast between the finish and the sight lines, you can really see them pop when you are on the green lining up a putt which I feel makes it a lot easier to focus and visualize the line. I gave it a perfect 10 because it has my favorite finish on putter and their sight lines seem to pop out a lot more then any other putter on the market

Feel 8.5

The feel has a nice little click to it when stuck, you can really feel it coming off the face when stuck in the center. I like the feel but when stuck slightly off center the feel is a bit harsher no for a player wanting to know when they haven't stuck it on center this a really good thing as for my self i like it to feel the same unless i really hit it off the toe or heel. Now when you hit it center it has a firm yet soft feel.

Function 10

The greatest thing about this putter and the whole SeeMore line is the rifle scoop technology which is the red dot and black shaft. You make sure you can't see the red dot through your stroke and you know you have hit it online. This club was so easy to line up and get the face square it was amazing. I realized after putting with it awhile that my setup was flawed and where i thought i was aiming was not where i was aiming. this putter has helped my line up more putts where I want them to go then any other putter. I give it a 10 because the technology is there and it works 

Overall 9.2

I think this putter is built extremely well and will really help you line up the putter face square which will help you sink more putts It has a firm yet soft feel which is going to help when they start making softer covers for the new grooves. This is a putter everyone should look at, plus they have a few lines so you can get one that has the right feel for you.

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