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September 2010

High School Golf Drama

by Jim Grundberg JimGheadshot

Anyone reading this post who has kids will appreciate this story.  My 16 year old son Ryan plays High School Golf at Brentwood HS in Tennessee.  Of course like many of the great players in this state, he uses a SeeMore putter (a DB4 CS 335 that was originally made for John Daly but never made it out of Ryan's bag when he shot 67 the first time out after I told him he could "test drive" it before I gave it to Daly).  The team has had a fantastic record this year and is one of the favorites to compete for a state championship.  But coming down the stretch, with one hole to play, the team needed him to make at least a birdie on the last hole to move on from the District tournament, maybe more.  On this particular day, his team needed him to pull a rabbit out of the hat to overcome what had just been one of those days.  They were on the brink of elimination.  Everyone was watching him play 18, a par 5.  His match was the last one on the course that would matter to the outcome, and everybody knew it.  There were some very nervous onlookers.  He hit a long drive, and with no tomorrow, went for it with a fairway wood, leaving it about 30 feet from the pin just on the fringe.  You can watch here what happened.  We would love to hear your SeeMore stories....


Ryan Grundberg sinks 25 foot eagle putt on 18th hole at Champions Run to advance Brentwood TN HS golf team from District Tournament to Regionals with coach John Higgins and rest of HS golf team looking on....September 27, 2010

11 Birdies later and a course record 61, Udorn 'Thai Daly' comes from behind with the Si1 Putter

by: Chan Song (VP of Sales - Far East) ChanSongheadshot

Another week but the headline still reads “ Udorn Duangdecha Wins!” Singha Evergreen Hills Championship 2010  This time, it was not the usual wire - to - wire win for our man, but 10 shots coming from behind for victory.  Sitting in a tied for 9th place after 3 rounds, Udorn shot the flawless 30 on the front 9 (6 birdies) and needing only 12 putts.  He pulled even at the turn and never looked back with 5 more birdies on the back nine.  His final 4 holes included a birdie-birdie-birdie-birdie finish. Afterwards, I spoke with our man. 

Chan:  Congratulations on your awesome play as of late..

Udorn:  Kop Khun Krup (It means ‘ thank you’ in Thai)

Chan: What is working right now for you?

Udorn:   When I shot 60 two weeks ago at our national open, I had only 22 putts.  Then I shot 61 last week and had 22 putts again. You can only hit it so close, so I’m putting and hitting my irons really well.    I’m making everything I’m looking at!

Chan:  You have 3 Asian Tour events coming up.  What are you going to do to be well prepared?

Udorn: Well, I’m going to take a couple days off and just relax with my 15-year-old son and just basically be home.  I have been on the road for the last 5 weeks.  Then I will get back to my regular routine and just play and practice.

Chan:  I know many people have been asking about your what’s up?

Udorn:  Loudmouth is something new and exciting in golf.   The owners have been very nice to me.  You want to look and dress the part no matter how you play!

Chan: Exactly!. People can remember us from how we play and how dress. Thank you so much for the interview and for the nice clothes. I hope to look outstanding on the course as you are!



Interview with LPGA Tour player Aree Song - si3w


On a beautiful Saturday afternoon on Sept 4th while having lunch at a little sandwhich place on Sandlake (Orlando, FL) and between Aree's busy practice schedule, Chan Song decided to interview his sister to see how her 'comeback' was coming along. 
Chan: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your top 25 finish last week at the CN Canadian Women's Open in only your second week back!
Aree: Thank you.
Chan: How do you feel about getting back on the tour?
Aree: Well, it's great to be able to compete again and see the other players.  Golf have always been my favorite thing to do and Im just grateful to be able to do it again.  Time off has given me the chance to explore other interests but sitting on the sideline wasn't as fun that's for sure. 
Chan: Speaking of the injury, what exactly happen and what was the injury?
AreeS Aree:  I was playing an event in Toledo last year  and I hit the ball into this thick fescue.  There were some over hanging vines in the tree above and during the back swing my club got caught in it and then I tried to come down and the vines just grabbed it hard
Chan:  Ouch!  I did not mean to bring back old memories...sorry. 
Aree: Its Okay.  After that I just had to withdraw and later went to see a doctor.  I was diagnosed with a injury in the left brachial plexus (basically left shoulder.) It was a nerve injury and they take a while to heal. 
Chan: So how did you get over the injury?
Aree: I had tremendous help from the LPGA tour doctor, Dr. Bruce Thomas.  He is an expert in shoulder injuries.  Things really improved a couple of months ago after I started to see a rehab specialist, Chuck Wolf.  He also works with other injured golfers before, namely Charles Howell and Paula Creamer. 
Chan: What did you do during your time off?
Aree:  Well, I went back to Thailand, my mother's home country, and just relaxed and recharged.  It was a nice vacation.
Chan: wow! nothing golf at all?
AreeS2[1] Aree:  I did a lot of short game.  I practiced my putting and chipping a lot. 
Chan: Well I know as i touring pro, one can never practice enough short game so maybe this injury was a blessing!
Aree:  (smiling) yes, I guess.
Chan: Great.  So what are your goals the rest of the year?
Aree:  Just to really keep it simple and not to have too high of an expectation.  I know my game will come back.  It's just a matter of time.  I am planning to play the rest of the domestic events. 
Chan: So lets talk a little bit about your SeeMore putter.  What are you using now?
Aree: I'm currently using an Si 3 with a Whistle Chrome shaft @ 34 inches.   Its the one you specially made up for me a couple months ago. 
Chan:  Yes, correct.  Well i know that you got to get back to practice.  Thanks again for your time and me and everyone at SeeMore wish continued success and ofcourse , injury- free he rest of your career.  Thanks love
Aree: You are welcome brother.


Back home, with success Former Burlington resident is co-owner of SeeMore Putters.

Jimgrundbergburlington By MATT LEVINS

Jim Grundberg had plenty of reason to celebrate when Zach Johnson won the Masters in 2007. 

Not only did Johnson, a Cedar Rapids native win the tournament, but he used a putter from Grundberg's company to win it. 

For Grundberg, who spent six years of his life in Burlington at a young age, helped another Iowa win one of the top golf tournaments in the world. 

So while Iowans celebrated Johnson's historic win, there was another reason to be thankful. 

For Grundberg, co-owner of SeeMore Putters, it was the biggest boost his company could have dreamed of. 

"We bought the company a little over four years ago. The company has grown every year, all based around a very simple product with around a very common sense, simple technology. But it's funny because with Zach Johnson being from Iowa and I consider myself from Iowa," said Grundberg, who is back in Burlington for the first time in 40 years, showcasing SeeMore Putters at the Golfweek Conference Challenge at Spirit Hollow Golf Course. "I lived here in Burlington from the time I was four years old until I was 10 years old. I went to North Hill Elementary School, went to Burlington Grayhound football games and learned how to play golf at the Burlington Golf Club. I hadn't really recaptured my Iowa roots, and then all of a sudden Zach and I became good friends. When I found out this tournament, which we sponsor annually, was going to be in Burlington, I marked it on my calendar and have looked forward to it ever since." 

Grundberg, the son of Art and Ruth Grundberg, came to Burlington in 1965 when Art became vice president of personnel at Benner Tea Company. Jim's two sisters, Susan and Julie, were born in Burlington. He also has a brother, Scott. 

"My father took a job with Benner Tea Company. He traveled around the state. He would go to different offices, different grocery stores. I remember as a kid traveling around the state with him and we would go into grocery stores and check the produce. He couldn't go into a grocery store without checking the shelves," Grundberg recalled. 

Jim Grundberg became friends with Harry Baxter, son of Harry and Elaine Baxter. On Saturday, Grundberg met up with the Baxters for lunch at the Baxters' home on North Hill. The memories came flowing back. 

"We lived in an old mansion at 1015 North Fifth Street with widow's walk that you could see part of the river. We have a beautiful painting of that house that's gone with us through life. It's aT my dad's house right now. It was an important part of our history, Grundberg said. "I remember walking as a five-, six-, seven-year old, walking down North Hill to go have lunch with my buddy. Nowadays, a couple generations later, that just doesn't happen. We used to come home at night when the bell was rung and the sun started setting. It was a different era when I grew up here in Burlington, one of complete family and community." 

Grundberg, after moving with his family to Arlington Heights in the Chicago area, ended up graduating from Stanford University, then achieved a degree marketing from Northwestern University. 

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