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October 2012

LPGA Regional Conference - Las Vegas, NV


by Ted Gallina, SPi - Director of Instruction

John Higgins, Sales & Marketing Director - North America, and I attended the LPGA Regional Conference this past Monday and Tuesday in Las Vegas, NV.  It was very productive. Approximately 140 LPGA Professionals attended our presentation on SeeMore & SPi

The powerpoint presentation was very informative.  We showed how becoming a SPi Certified Instructor can make anyone become a leader in putting instruction in their region.  SPi and the SeeMore system is an easy method to teach putting.  Afterwards many instructors approached us to say how informative the presentation was and had some great questions about the putter models. 

Tuesday was a demo day Angel Park Golf Club. During the Vector Green reading training all instructors used a SeeMore putter to learn the Vector system.  This led to more conversation about SPi and the SeeMore system.  Many instructors took advantage of ordering putters for themselves as well as signing up to become SPi Certified Instructors.

We enjoy presenting our SPi seminar to anyone.  If you are apart of the PGA/LPGA or any other organization for golf instruction, we are more than happy to present this to your chapters, sections or nationally.  Contact us at