The Case for Putting Instruction Part 2: Fundamentals and Drills - by SPi Instructor Paul Kaster
Johnson (FGP black) pars No. 12 in Round 2 of Wells Fargo -

SeeMore Private Reserve FGP Black Putter - by

By: J.R. Falconer -

The Private Reserve FGP Black from SeeMore is a blade style putter that features SeeMore’s RifleScope (RST) technology. RST ensures you’re lined up square, with your eyes directly above the ball… every time. See that red dot on the heel of the putter? RST works by forcing you to cover up the red dot with the shaft of the club. Once you do that, you’re in a proper setup position, and ready to strike that putt. Neat huh?


In comparison to its older brother (or sister, depending how you like to name your putters) :), the Private Reserve Tour FGP Black has a thicker top-line.

By placing most of the weight behind the sweet spot, this putter also maximizes something called the ‘twirl effect’. Basically this describes how easily the putter opens and closes when twirled in the fingers. The benefit for you? Fantastic feel.