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SeeMore Giant FGP Putter Review (by @hackersparadise)

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by Dan E.

It is one thing to have a giant release from a company, yet another thing entirely for that release to be, well, GIANT!  SeeMore has recently introduced their Giant FGP, an incredible take on the ever popular FGP putter and they are incorporating greater MOI, an easier to square face, and a larger sweet spot for golfers who may struggle with the perfect stroke.  Between the hype surrounding the release around the PGA Show and the interest from tour players, intrigue lead the way as this putter review began.


Increased MOI and Sweet Spot

Because of the increase in size, SeeMore was also able to increase some of the elements that are enormously valuable for people who struggle to make perfect contact with the putter.  Thanks to the 28% increase in face size, this also expands the size of the sweet spot, along with the moment of inertia (MOI).  For those unfamiliar with moment of inertia, it relates to the amount of solid contact (and lack of twisting) made at impact.  Putters with overly low MOI require extremely accurate contact in the center of the putter head for results that meet expectations.  Expanding the MOI on the Giant FGP, along with the sweet spot, allows golfers to be less than perfect on their strikes without as large of a reduction on their overall results potential.  It is fascinating, and in testing with the Giant FGP, the putter remains remarkably balanced through contact zone even on subpar strokes.

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