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パターをまっすぐ打つのは簡単そうで実は難しい。それはコースの景観やグリーンの傾斜、体調などで同じようにアドレスしてスイングすることは簡単ではないからです。ヘッドにある『印』を隠して打つだけでそのすべてをカバーしてくれる驚きのパターとは? (click here)


TITLE -Three reasons SeeMore putter can be struck straight even by novice.

Translate - It seems easy to hit a putter straight, which is actually difficult. It is because it is not easy to swing by addressing in the same way with the course landscape, green inclination, physical condition etc. What is an amazing putter that covers everything by hiding the "sign" in the head and hitting it.