Katherine Perry (mini Giant) Third Round Highlights from 2019 Volunteers of America Classic (GolfChannel.com)
Episode 19 - The Putting Couch Podcast (SeeMore Global Ambassador - Pat O'Brien Talks Putting Fundamentals - POSTURE and BALL POSITION) SeeMore Putter Company

Episode 18 - "The Putting Couch" (Dr. Bob Winters - Get Prepared For a Great Putting Round)

Dr. Bob Winters and the Putting Couch team discuss how to get prepared for a great putting round.  Dr. Bob shares secrets from many of the best putters in the world, ideas and routines that will help any and every golfer dramatically improve their putting performance and enjoyment of the game, leading to lower scores, more fun, and less stress!  Every putt can be made! And every putting stroke is an opportunity to make one! Click HERE to listen.