Episode 18 - "The Putting Couch" (Dr. Bob Winters - Get Prepared For a Great Putting Round)
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Episode 19 - The Putting Couch Podcast (SeeMore Global Ambassador - Pat O'Brien Talks Putting Fundamentals - POSTURE and BALL POSITION) SeeMore Putter Company

Click HERE to Listen - On this week's episode of the Putting Couch we talk once again with one of the world's leading putting instructors, Pat O'Brien.  In Episode 19 of The Putting Couch Podcast, O'Brien dives into the third and fourth of his 4 KEY putting fundamentals - POSTURE and BALL POSITION.

We covered the GRIP in Episode 10 and ALIGNMENT in Episode 14. O’Brien – has been teaching putting and the SeeMore System around the world for more than 20 years, ever since he watched his good friend the late Payne Stewart first benefit from the SeeMore FGP putter and SeeMore putting system to win 1999 US Open and lead the PGA Tour in putting statistics that year.

O’Brien is most well known as the long time putting instructor to Zach Johnson, who has used his SeeMore milled FGP to win 2 Majors, 12 PGA Tour victories, and over $45 million in career earnings. But O'Brien is a teacher and friend to players of all skill levels and you’ll love getting to know him as a regular contributor to “The Putting Couch” podcast! O'Brien is the Director of Instruction at Lakewood Country Club in Dallas, TX and is SeeMore Putter Company's Global Ambassador.  For more information on O'Brien visit Pat O'Brien On Golf.

To purchase and download O'Brien's Instructional Videos - Click HERE.