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SeeMore M5HT and MFGP20 Putters Review - Golfer's Authority (@AuthorityGolfer)

SeeMore M5HT and MFGP20 Putters Review 


Many golfers would be better off spending more time thinking about which putter they were gaming than what the hottest new driver will be this season. While drivers continue to dominate the world of online golf, putter brands like SeeMore continue to push the envelope forward where golfers can actually benefit. Innovations like the RifleScope Technology and Face Balance at Impact can help players hole more putts and make the game more fun for players looking for a weekly skins game or amateur competitions. 

Golfers spend the majority of their time searching for the best driver for their game. The putter, however, can have far and away the largest impact. SeeMore has taken traditional putter technology and made it more stable and easier to aim. Thanks to the innovative RifleScope Technology, golfers now know exactly where their face is aimed and how they can adjust to make more putts.

Key Features

  • RifleScope Technology (RST) is an intuitive alignment aid system that helps players square their club face at address for more consistent, more accurate putts.
  • SeeMore putters have been proven with Major Champion success and come in a variety of makes, models, and colors.
  • Putters can be custom built to fit your specs and motion to make sure you’re your get your best results time-after-time.

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In 1998, SeeMore Putter Company Founder Jim Weeks created a revolution in putter design with RifleScope Technology, known by a visible “gun sight’’ on the top line that allows golfers to perfectly set up for repeatable strokes. The late Payne Stewart (1999 U.S. Open) and Zach Johnson (2007 Masters) each won with their Majors with a SeeMore putter.

As much as SeeMore putters have been known for their RifleScope Technology (RST), they’ve also been known for their straight hosels. Understand that while a lot of players – of all skill levels – swear by straight hosels, the majority of players use hosels that each have some kind of bended shaft. The most popular of those has been the “Plumber Neck’’ hosel, designed by the legendary Karsten Solhiem on his Ping Anser putters.

Plumber Neck putters allow players to get their hands slightly forward – ahead of the ball – at impact.

Beginning March 15, SeeMore will roll out seven models of its new SeeMore RST Hosel series of Plumber Neck design putters. The line is the first in company history to feature a Plumber Neck hosel with RifeScope alignment technology.

Each of the Plumber Neck hosels in the RST Hosel series is made from 100 percent milled stainless steel. The RST Hosel will be are available in four Classic series models with milled precision hosels and milled faces ($250-$300 retail), and in three 100 percent milled Platinum Series models ($350-$450 retail), depending on upgrades.

“Basically, we said that, if it starts like a shaft, then it will work with our technology,’’ said SeeMore Putter Co., CEO Jim Grundberg. “So why don’t we have something that looks like a shaft, but takes a bend and then comes up? So, it’s all on one plane.’’

The one-plane Plumber Neck, Grundberg said, “might be the most stable neck ever’’ as it swings through the stroke on a more stable path than previous Plumber Neck designs.

“Plumber Neck designs before had a bend from the 70-degree shaft angle down at 90 degrees to the putter head, where the RST Hosel series is literally all on the one 70-degree plane,’’ Grundberg said.

From behind, each putter in the series looks like it has straight hosel, basically because SeeMore engineers only altered one plane.

“Everything is the same (as with traditional RifleScope technology), but now your hands can be a half-inch forward,’’ Grundberg said. “The look and feel of each putter are unbelievable. And now players can take advantage of the RST technology in a Plumber Neck hosel. They can hide the red dot, control the loft and face angle and putt better. It’s the biggest thing that we’ve launched in 20 years.’’

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