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Episode 31 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Professional Golfer Josh Radcliff)

Listen HERE - Professional golfer, Josh Radcliff, takes time to sit down on the "putting couch" to talk golf data, his professional golf career, his "Custom Shop SeeMore" putter and what it takes to "go from self doubt to self belief."  Radcliff gives great putting tips that can help you become more consistent on the putting greens.  After listening to this podcast you will want to follow him on Instagram - click here to follow.



SeeMore Putters: The Past, Present and Future by @THPGolf (The Hackers Paradise)


(James Miles) At THP, we have always found the best way to truly provide our readers with the ins and outs of the industry is to go straight to the companies. Over the years, these interactions have been a staple of what THP is all about, and one company who the entire community has had interactions with since the beginning is SeeMore Putter Company. 

As a brand with instant recognition among most golfers for the countless memories and majors they have been a part of, they have also since day one had a set of core beliefs that they have not strayed from. For SeeMore, the name of the game is helping golfers enjoy the game more through better and more consistent putting. From the beginning, their RifleScope Technology (RST) has been a game changer, and as the game has continued to evolve, so too has SeeMore. 

We wanted to have a conversation with them as to where they have been, where they are now, and where they are going as they continue to innovate.

  1. THP and SeeMore go way back and most of our readers have a familiarity with the brand and its emphasis on eliminating variables and making putting more fun for golfers, but if you could describe SeeMore to newcomers how would you go about it?

SeeMore has been a brand ahead of its time since its launch in 1998.  It was immediately recognized by golfers of all levels as essentially a putter that had “training aid” type benefits in terms of helping the golfer improve everything about their putting from set up to alignment to posture to stroke.  But as it was USGA conforming, it could also be used in play, offering golfers a way to build a simple system to ensure the best putting of their life.  This was true of recreational golfers, avid amateur golfers, club professionals, and PGA Tour players.  It also was a product that brought the benefits of fitting and instruction combined into the putting arena, as the simple patented SeeMore RifleScope Technology alignment system was the foundation for helping golfers and/or their instructors get the golfer set up the same way every time, for a tour type putting stroke, eliminating variables and guaranteeing consistency.  And almost immediately, the SeeMore putter became the most talked about golf product of 1999 when Payne Stewart used a SeeMore FGP blade to sink the longest putt ever to win a US Open on the final hole, defeating Phil Mickelson in a Major Championship for the ages.  That putt remains one of the most iconic putts and moments in the history of Golf, and Payne Stewart went on to lead the entire PGA Tour in putting statistics for the 1999 year.