SeeMore si2 RST Hosel Putter Review by Golfer's Authority
Episode 32 - The Putting Couch Podcast (SPi Instructor - Bo Harris) - SeeMore Putter Company

LISTEN: TG2 Golf Review Podcast about SeeMore m5 HT RST Hosel

TG2-logo-golfwrxVery good listen to Brian from GolfWRX about his review on the SeeMore m5 HT RST Hosel.  At the 26:45 mark he talks about the SeeMore m5 HT RST Hosel that he is reviewing. 

Click HERE to listen.  Tested out a SeeMore Platinum M5 HT putter and came away really impressed. The new RST plumbers neck hosel helps square the putter up to your target easily, it's the real deal. (Brian @Golfwrx)

Click HERE to listen.