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Best Kept Secret in Golf? (@THPGolf)

Below is a recent post on The Hackers Paradise. Click on the link below and read what THP forum members are saying.


(from THP) SeeMore Putters calls it the best kept secret in golf. Not the unique looking shapes that makeup some of their lineup, but rather RifleScope Technology, or RST. It adorns every one of their offerings and is designed to eliminate the variables at setup and make you a better putter.

How does it work? Watch the short video below from the THP Tech Studio and we show you several models overhead and how RST might help you become a better putter.

Alignment in putting might just be the most important aspect to holing more putts. While SeeMore cannot help you read greens or automatically start it on the correct path, their RST can help you make sure you start it on your chosen path.

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