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Episode 48 - The Putting Couch - Mental Coach Dr. Bob Winters Talks "PRE"herseal Stroke, Practice and Execution

Podcast_logo_final_nwdCLICK HERE to Listen to Episode 48.  This week’s Putting Couch with Dr. Bob Winters covers a few things about the ins and outs of putting preparation, practice, and execution, that we can all take away from the best players in the world. Learn from Dr. Bob what it is that makes some players so good with the flat stick, and how these tips can help you too!

Dr. Winters is one of the world’s foremost experts on performance improvement and in this episode he shares insights on how players of all levels can improve their putting through understanding the role that great confidence, great attitude, and great training and preparation play.  It only seems that putting is about 90% mental and 90% physical!  Dr. Bob will have you understanding so much about your own putting game that you will feel that he is talking right to you! To find out more information about Dr. Bob Winters. Click HERE.

The Putting Couch podcast is the first ever podcast solely dedicated to all things putting.  For past episodes - click HERE.