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Episode 52 - (PART 2) Get the Inside details on why to get fit for a putter and the many great benefits from a group of Club Champion (@TXGxCC) Master Fitters.

The-Putting-Couch-Logo-With-Club-Champion-LogoPART 2 - A team of 6 of Club Champion’s top master putter fitting specialists visited the company headquarters for a few days last week.  The Putting Couch team sat down with them to discuss all things putting and putter fittings, a 2 part podcast that you won’t want to miss.

Every Club Champion location offers a full tour fitting experience for all 14 clubs to their customers and clientele.  Each location is staffed with fitters who are well trained and equipped with fitting tools to fit any golfer for SeeMore’s range of premium range of milled putters.  

"The Putting Couch", presented by SeeMore Putter Company, is a podcast where any golfer can listen to anything and everything about putting.

Putting is 40% of the game and the fastest way to lower scores. You will be amazed at how much you learn from these podcasts! Sit back, relax and listen to some great and fun information. "The Putting Couch" is the first golf podcast exclusively devoted to all things Putting.





SeeMore PVD Classic Putters (@THPGolf @Jman_THP)

THP-Logo - 2000 x 892

The line itself was developed to bring some of the most successful SeeMore shapes into a modern blending of affordability and performance. Centered around a cast 303 Stainless Steel head, the company uses a milled lightweight aluminum face insert to bring improved feel and balance. All of the heads are then finished in a hand polished smoke charcoal PVD that visually differentiates from the other SeeMore offerings while seeking to keep a premium look in-hand. 

While the PVD Classic line isn’t new, SeeMore has brought some more shapes into the fold and with their presence now in all PGA SuperStore’s it is worth taking a closer look at what they have added into the fold.

Posted by THP James Miles

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