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SeeMore Mini Giant HTx Review @THPGolf

April 15, 2024 23 Comments - Click HERE for FULL REVIEW - The Hackers Paradise.


SeeMore Mini Giant HTx Review

For a company that is so intrinsically tied to a single piece of technology, SeeMore Putters has steadily grown their catalog of options over the years. Of course, the technology we mention is called Rifle Scope Technology (RST). By now, most of us should be very familiar with RST and “Hide the Red Dot”, a system that encourages consistency in aiming, setup, and the putting stroke. The original SeeMore putter, the FGP, is impossible not to recognize. It’s a Tour proven design, and it did inspire an offshoot or two, but golfers have varying tastes and needs. The company had to find a way to incorporate RST into different head shapes, hosel designs, and eventually into high MOI putters. 


The Mini Giant series is an example of how SeeMore is approaching the challenge of building high MOI putters. The line’s initial offerings were both based off the FGP design, but in early 2024 the company bolstered the line with three new head shapes. One of them, The Mini Giant HTX, is based on the very familiar and popular fanged mallet, and it’s been the source of much excitement on the THP forums. Can the HTX blend what we love about this head shape with all the benefits we’ve come to expect from SeeMore? Read on to find out. 


Like the rest of the Mini Giant line, the HTX is made from 100% milled aluminum. That may raise an eyebrow or two, as we are much more familiar with milled putters being made of stainless steel, but there’s a good reason for this choice. First, using a lighter metal like aluminum allows the HTX to come in at a comfortable 360g head weight (with an additional 10g allocated to the internal hosel). Stainless steel mallets often require the inclusion of a secondary material like aluminum to reduce weight. The Mini Giant HTX actually uses this concept in the inverse. The lightweight aluminum is coupled with milled copper inserts in key locations, allowing SeeMore to place mass in strategic places that increase both stability and MOI. Copper is over three times denser than the aluminum it replaces, so the copper inserts have an immediate and tangible effect on weight distribution.