Episode 45 - The Putting Couch Talks Putter Fitting and More with The Founder of @ClubChampGolf - Nick Sherburne

Click HERE to Listen. The TOUR team speaks with Club Champion founder, Nick Sherburne.  With 85 locations and growing Club Champion has become the world leader in custom club fitting.  Starting this September it will be putter fitting month for Club Champion.  In this episode Sherburne gives the history of Club Champion and why putter fittings are so important to his business.  SeeMore enjoy being a huge part of the Club Champion family.

TODAY is a great time to talk to Club Champion for your putter fitting.  Tell them you heard Nick on The Putting Couch.

40% of your strokes during a round of golf is used with a putter - why not make it the most important club in your bag.  

From humble beginnings as a single club builder in 2008 to the start of Club Champion in 2010, Sherburne saw what it took to be the ultimate in club fitting.  SeeMore Putter Company has been with Sherburne every step of the way during the process.  We appreciate their partnership.  Enjoy the episode.  For more information about Club Champion, their putting fitting month and locations - click HERE.

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Episode 42 - The Putting Couch - Part 2 of 2 Part Series - Grip, Shaft and Club Head Differences

Click HERE to Listen - Episode 42 is part 2 of a 2 part series in which the SeeMore Tour Team took a deep dive into different putter head shapes, length, lie and loft.  They also discussed how to keep an open mind when getting a putter fitting.  To listen to Episode 41 - Part 1 - click here.  

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Episode 41 - The Putting Couch - Part 1 of 2 - Grip, Shaft and Club Head Differences

Click HERE to Listen.  SeeMore Tour Team Takes a Deep Dive into putter components.  Part 1 of a 2 part series, the team discusses how different grips, weighting and shapes can make a difference in the putting stroke.  If you ever wondered how weighting can affect your putting stroke, this is the episode for you.  

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Episode 40 - The Putting Couch - the "Claw" putting grip...What is it?...How does it work?

Click HERE to Listen.  After receiving so many emails from our listeners to end our Question and Answers series, one of the topics that kept being mentioned was the "Claw" grip.  The TOUR team brings in a special guest to talk about the "Claw" putting grip.  

Special guest, John Higgins (Director of Sales & SPi Instructor at SeeMore) joins The Putting Couch to share his expertise on a hot topic in putting, the "Claw" putting grip and its variations.  Higgins joins Jim Grundberg and Ted Gallina to take a deep dive into the four most common variations of the claw, its history on the PGA Tour, and responds to key questions from players and coaches.  

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Episode 39 - The Putting Couch - Part 3 - Q and A with Dr. Bob Winters - Confidence on the Greens...30 minutes on a 3 Foot Putt!

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In Part 3 of Questions and Answers, the TOUR team brings back Dr. Bob Winters, one of the world's experts on golf's mental game,  to answer your questions.  Dr. Bob talks about confidence on the greens plus everything you ever wanted to know about the 3 foot putt. 

We thank everyone for sending in their questions about all things putting in our Q and A series.  The Putting Couch is the first ever podcast solely dedicated to all things putting.  Dr. Bob is one of the world’s foremost experts on performance improvement and in this episode he shares insights on how players of all levels can improve their putting through understanding the role that great confidence, great attitude, and great training and preparation play.  It only seems that putting is about 90% mental and 90% physical!  Dr. Bob will have you understanding so much about your own putting game that you will feel that he is talking right to you!

To find out more information about Dr. Bob Winters. Click HERE.




Episode 38 - The Putting Couch - Part 2 - Q and A: From how eye dominance plays a role in a putting stroke to different types of grips, a lively discussion occurs from questions submitted by our listeners.

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The TOUR Team continues to answer questions sent in by our listeners.  From how eye dominance plays a role in a putting stroke to different types of grips, Episode 38 of The Putting Couch helps answer the questions that many of you have when it comes to putting.  Also listen to Director of TOUR  and SeeMore Putter Institute, Cody Hale explain that a mallet putter may not be as forgiving as you think.




Episode 37 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Q and A: Lively Discussion Of Key Questions About All Things Putting Submitted By Our Listeners)

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Episode 37 - The Putting Couch Q and A: lively discussion of key questions about all things putting submitted by our listeners, slated to become a regular new part of the Putting Couch rotation moving forward.

From alignment to posture to speed control, you will get inside knowledge to start your putting off in the right direction for the new year.  If you would like to submit a question or discussion about putting send us a note - CONTACT US - and let us know.  Appreciate your input. First and ever podcast solely dedicated to all things Putting.




Episode 36 - The Putting Couch Podcast (Joe Hallett, Director of Instruction at Vanderbilt Legends Club and World Renowned Tour Instructor)

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In Episode 36 of The Putting Couch, the SeeMore Tour Team sits down with Joe Hallett, Director of Instruction of Vanderbilt Legends Club and golf instructor to top LPGA players, to discuss insights on all things putting that Hallett shares based on his extensive work with some of the world’s best players. 

Key topics include green reading and Joe’s endorsement of the Aimpoint system for line and speed control.  Hallett also shares how the best putters in the world build on simple systems to create a smooth, confident, and consistent stroke that will hold up under pressure.

Hallett, the Director of Instruction at Vanderbilt Legends Club, was the 2018 recipient of the Horton Smith Award, the PGA of America. Presented annually since 1976, the Horton Smith Award recognizes individuals who have developed and enriched education opportunities at the state, sectional and national levels. He was the Tennessee section’s Horton Smith Award winner in 2012 and PGA Teacher of the Year in 2013. 

He has a quarter century of experience as a PGA Professional and has worked closely with a number of high-profile players on the LPGA Tour, including Stacy Lewis, who was ranked No. 1 in the world in 2012, Inbee Park and Lizette Salas. 

Hallett served as lead instructor at the PGA Center for Learning and Performance in Port St. Lucie, Fla. and was director and chairman of the 2011 PGA Teaching Coaching Summit. He also hosted and produced “The Golf Show” on Sportstalk Radio Network.