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What is Face Balance at Impact? SeeMore Putter Company (@THPGolf)

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What is face balance at impact and what does it mean to you? Choosing a putter and understanding putter technology is something we get a lot of questions about. One of the hot topics as of late is toe hang and choosing a putter with a certain amount to match the stroke of a golfer, which all makes perfect sense.

During our recent trip to SeeMore Putters, we began discussing face balance and toe hang in a bit more detail. Not just on the putter, but including where it is at impact as well and whether those two things are different. We asked Cody Hale, from SeeMore, to explain this and here is the latest episode of THP Quick Tech. Everything you want to know in under 2 minutes.


Putting Stroke: Straight Back vs Arc with SPi Cody Hale (@THPGolf)

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One of the most talked about aspects of putting is the stroke and whether someone is using Straight Back Straight Through (SBST) or an Arc. To answer the question, THP TV brought in putting expert Cody Hale and some fun gadgets to better explain it.

Watching the video you will see there is no real advantage to either, but rather a natural stroke that combines both. Are you taking advantage of this, or manipulating the hands to follow a certain method?

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Posture and Ball Position For Putting? @THPGolf

THP-Logo - 2000 x 892Setting up to the golf ball before putting is talked about frequently. Should you bend over? Should the ball be at your front foot, middle or somewhere else? What about alignment? Should you see the ball down the line by crouching lower?

Shot at the SeeMore Putter Studio in Nashville, TN, THP TV walks you through their philosophy for setup to begin making more putts.

How is your posture and setup compared to what Cody talks about here?


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SeeMore Putter - A Simple and Fun Way to Putt - Consistent Set-Up, Ball Position and Stroke



One of the simplest and best videos that we have ever done. We hear non-SeeMoreans always talking about arc to arc stroke or straight back straight through stroke, what type of putter head promotes a more arc stroke compared to a SBST stroke!  When this happens there is a great deal of manipulation in the putting stroke.

Take a look at the video above. What do you see? Putter head is going back on a straight line (per Kostis Putting Professor) but take a look at the putter head (going in an Natural arc motion). No such thing as a SBST stroke.

If you can get in a natural set-up with consistent ball position with correct length of putter, let go and "get out of the way" - per Pat O'Brien - SeeMore Putter Global Ambassador.

Have them go up and inside and then back down and inside without any manipulation. Putting is simple if you can get out of the way! RifleScope Technology allows everything to happen the same way for every putt. JUST Hide the Red Dot!

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